Monday, August 08, 2005

wow!! what a fornight! so exhausted now. Moving house again is a nightmare.. getting used to new people again, and changing jobs... and all the little things that go with all of this. I swear if i didn't have good mates around me i would probably go insane at the moment. It has been good besides that though. I mean I had Austin over last night and that was brilliant. We sat up for hours just chatting bout old stuff. Talked about a lot of things to do with Mark which was great. I miss just chatting about him. Still a great friend. And we got to laugh about a lot of different things! Besides that the weekend was great. I met up with mary pat on saturday and we had a wonderful time. Then sat night was fun with wes! its all go! looking forward to one weekend where i can just sleep though! that would be nice


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